Life Goals

In some cultures, the entrance to adult hood begins with a vision quest. Through vision quest the seeker finds the seed of a goal that structures the entire life. Having a life time goal focuses the attention and all the energies we possess to work in harmony with our thoughts, emotions and actions.

Life time goals serve similar to a home blueprint. Other goals become the rooms in your home. Without lifetime goals, your oven may end up in your bathroom. You can still work with it, but the experience may not be as pleasant.


Types of Goals

Goal setting process is time dependent.  Work related deadlines is one way time enters goal setting process. In business contracts delivery time is a reflection of how goals must include a time. In personal goals like losing weight or working out, we have a tendency to ignore the same rules that apply to work and business.

Activities without a time line do not meet goal setting requirements.

Once your settle it within yourself that time is a necessary part of goal setting, then you can use that mind set to categorize both the steps in reaching goals and the time you want to realize your goal into three categories.

  • Short Term
  • Intermediate
  • Long Term

Remember that these categories apply to both your process and your end results.

For example in weigh loss, the short term steps may include having a shopping list, while your short term goal may be to establish a pattern of working out four times a week.