Achieve Goals In 3 Turbo Charged Ways

See Your Goal – Writing goals down is a great start. It is like looking at a menu in a fine expensive restaurant without pictures. They expect their sophisticated clients to know what the heck they are ordering.

I much prefer cheaper and less sophisticated menus with pictures. Having a vision board is equivalent to a menu with pictures. It makes it easier for you to order your goals.

Write down what you want and find a picture to represent it. If you want to lose weight, get a picture of a fit person walking by the beach and stick it on your goal setting template.

Publicly Commit To Your Goal – It is incredible the lengths we go to in order to keep up the appearances. Like it or not, we care about what people think of us. Often we care about what others think about us than what we think of ourselves. Tell people about your goal. This acts of publicly sharing puts you on the spot and helps you out of the tough spots on those days you need a little extra help to get started on your action plans.

Set A Completion Date – We are creatures of habit and one of our habits is procrastination. Without a date or a deadline chances are that we never get anything done. Set a date that makes sense and announces it. Every day, share your progress and get support and perhaps a kick in the butt from those who can motivate you.